Communications Coaching

  • Is you career or business held back by poor presentation skills?
  • Are you scared about how a media interview might turn out?
  • Are you a nervous wreck every time you speak?
Poor presentation skills cost money. They create waste and confusion. They ruin reputations and eat away at self-esteem. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Let us coach you teach you to feel comfortable making speeches, delivering presentations or giving TV and radio interviews. Do you want to build buzz about your business? Does your marketing copy need more oomph? Are your words doing you justice? Words can be your competitive advantage. Good writing grabs attention. We can help you create eye-catching messages that engage audiences quickly and hold them to the last word.  



Communication between individuals is a two-way street, but communication between a business and its customers is a multi-lane highway. Navigate this highway successfully and you increase customer numbers and profits. Set out on this highway unaware, ill-prepared, or unconvinced of its importance, and you will lose ground to your competitors. This is a two-day course to introduce and reinforce the essential components of written communication that will connect you with existing and potential customers. If you are new to the communications highway, we offer a coaching program and online course that will provide the foundation for future development. If your company has some communications expertise, this program and course will help you strengthen and polish your essential components. 

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